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To celebrate the legacy of our co-founder, Mrs. Leah Tutu, and her contribution to our liberation struggle, on the occasion of her 90th birthday ⎯ our latest exhibition: 90 Voices HERstory, showcases the diverse perspectives of 90 women who were all part of South Africa’s struggle for liberation.

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In South Africa

The narratives within the exhibition highlight different contexts of oppression, and provide insights into how these women used strategies and tactics to respond, apply pressure, endure, and ultimately drive the fall of the apartheid state. It sheds light on an essential aspect of the anti-apartheid struggle — the balancing act that many women performed, from juggling family, full-time work, with engagement in protest activities, and risking their personal safety and freedom for the cause of our collective freedom.

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“Like tapestry threads the women in this exhibition tell stories woven together — what these stories represent is the wide-ranging actions and interventions that were made to address the ravages of apartheid, to win the hearts and minds of a people, and bring fundamental change in society. Yes, fundamental change is what we have achieved however, there is always a contestation over resources in society and so our struggle is never finished – A Luta Continua!"

⎯ Charlene Houston, Curator


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